RE:SURE – do more with your CCTV

RE:SURE – do more with your CCTV


Everyone has seen the trends now, with isolated petrol stations in particular being targeted by thieves at night time for cigarettes, alcohol and float.

In that respect, if you are lucky enough to not yet have been targeted, have you ever thought about exactly what your CCTV system is doing for you and your petrol station? While they are fundamental for reviewing drive offs and maybe even theft in shop, in terms of out-of-hours security, if you think they are helping to protect your shop, unfortunately you are incorrect. But they could be…

Any half-decent common thief will cover his face when trying to break into your shop out of hours at night. The monitored alarm? Not much good either – that just means their stay will be briefer than without one – but it certainly is not going to make them think twice. That false alarm that you had a few weeks back – coincidence? Unfortunately not – just the potential burglar testing your response times.

RE:SURE convert your existing CCTV cameras into smart cameras, which can recognise when people are on your property. These smart cameras are also connected by your broadband to their state-of-the-art control centre. So, in the future, if someone comes to try and rob your premises, the smart cameras will detect them when they are outside trying to figure out how they will break-in to your premises.

The RE:SURE Operatives immediately react, utilising your existing PA system to issue a live audio challenge – telling the would be intruder that the Gardai/Police have been dispatched. The result? No broken doors, roofs or windows, no theft and no dealing with the aftermath, as the intruders flee the premises in the knowledge that their “window of opportunity” has been slammed shut.

With no upfront cost, lower costs than you think, and a no-obligation trial – why wait until you are broken into? Don’t risk it – contact them today to see how RE:SURE can provide you with complete peace of mind.

Contact RE:SURE at, email, or call from ROI: 01 691 7100 or from UK: 028 8676 1183.