Irish women still the main grocery shopper

Some 69 per cent of women remain the main grocery shopper in Irish households.

The Grocery Retailing – Ireland December 2015 report from market analysts Mintel found 77 per cent of NI women and 69 per cent of those in the Republic stated they are wholly or mainly responsible for grocery retailing in the home.

In comparison, just 46 per cent of NI men and 40 per cent of those in the Republic consider themselves mainly responsible.

The report also reveals that on an all-Ireland basis, the value of grocery retail sales is estimated to have increased from €13.8 billion in 2014 to €14.1 billion in 2015, an increase of 2.7 per cent.

Grocery retail in the Republic alone is believed to have increased by an estimated three per cent since 2014, while in NI the market value rise is just two per cent.

Mintel’s report also suggests that expansion of discounter stores throughout the island of Ireland will see increased spending on groceries between 2016 and 2020.

“With the discounters set to continue opening more new stores across Ireland, the larger traditional supermarkets will come under more pressure to compete on Aldi and Lidl’s terms – price,” the report said.

According to the study, Tesco remains the top retailer in Ireland with 28 per cent of RoI and 44 per cent of NI shoppers doing their main grocery shop at the store.

Aldi is a close second with 26 per cent of RoI’s market. In NI, Asda was the second most shopped in store for the main grocery shopping.

For top-up shopping, the report found Lidl dominates the market with 42 per cent of NI and half of RoI consumers doing their top-up shop in Lidl.

For the full report, visit Mintel here.