Vape Business Ireland welcomes new finding that vaping is ‘at least 95% less harmful’ than smoking 

Vape Business Ireland welcomes new finding that vaping is ‘at least 95% less harmful’ than smoking 

Vape Business Ireland (VBI), the country’s leading representative body for the Irish vaping industry, has welcomed the publication of a new report commissioned by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) in the UK.

The report – which drew on more than 400 internationally published studies and has been described as “the most comprehensive” review of the health impacts of vaping – serves as a broad endorsement of the efficacy of vaping as a harm reduction tool.  

The King’s College London study reaffirmed Public Health England’s 2015 assertion that vaping is “at least 95% less harmful than smoking” while noting that vaping products remain the most commonly used tool in a quit-smoking attempt. VBI is calling on Irish health authorities to give serious consideration to these findings to reenergise the country’s move towards the goal of a Tobacco Free Ireland.  

The report also highlights the magnitude of the risk of vaping and smoking is poorly understood and is not reflected in contemporary public perceptions in the UK.  This is of particular concern as attempts to portray smoking and vaping as equally harmful can prevent critical information from reaching customers. 

Such findings indicate that clear public messaging on the efficacy of vaping products as a harm reduction tool can be a factor in determining the success rate of adult smokers seeking to quit.

As the leading representative body for the industry, Vape Business Ireland has long advocated for responsible policy and targeted national campaigns which help to inform adult smokers of the harm reduction benefits associated with making the switch to vaping.   

VBI National Spokesperson, Eoin O’Boyle said: “VBI is hopeful that the relevant Irish health authorities will take heed of the findings issued in the report. This report underlines the crucial intervention vaping is to smokers seeking to move away from cigarettes and to reduce their exposure to harm by 95% or more.

“There is a need, therefore, for a responsible approach to vaping policy that facilitates this as a less harmful tool for smokers. Moreover, this report also stresses the importance of the discourse around vaping, and the damage that is done when smokers erroneously believe that smoking and vaping are equally harmful.

“VBI remains committed to ensuring the Irish vape market follows the highest international standards where it is clear our products are designed for smokers seeking a less harmful alternative. For this reason we continue to call on the Government to urgently implement a statutory ban on sales of vaping products to under-18s and to step up enforcement of strict existing regulations to clamp down on the actions of rogue actors.”