UK largest public EV charging hub unveiled by bp

UK largest public EV charging hub unveiled by bp

Located at the NEC Campus in the West Midlands, the new Gigahub offers a total of 180 charging points with varied speeds.

bp pulse, The EV Network (EVN) and NEC Group have launched the UK’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) charging hub on the NEC Campus in the West Midlands. This Gigahub features 180 charging points, 30 of which have a charging potency of 300KW while a further 150 points offer 7KW charging.

The new site will help serve the seven million visitors attracted to the campus annually, along with a wide range of other road users that make up the area’s average yearly traffic count of 60 million.

All drivers will have access to a new Starbucks Coffee drive-thru, combining fast charging with convenience to deliver the services EV drivers want while they wait.

“The transition to electric vehicles is evolving at pace which is why bp pulse is focussed on accelerating the development of the UK’s EV infrastructure, delivering the right charging speeds, in the right locations and investing up to £1 billion to do so,” said Akira Kirton, vice president of bp pulse UK.

bp pulse is working to provide a comprehensive EV charging network across the country and it plans to roll out hundreds of hubs by 2030. These are set to be located in urban areas, on trunk roads and motorways and at destinations such as restaurants, retail parks and hotels.