Topaz announce €1M deal with Photo-Me

Irish fuel and convenience retailer Topaz has unveiled a deal with photobooth company Photo-Me to provide ID compliant booths in Topaz forecourts across Ireland.

The photobooths will allow applicants capture and transfer their Photo-ID straight to the Irish passport office to accompany their online passport renewals.

Announcing the deal on May 29, Topaz said €1 million would be invested as part of the installations with 15 booths already installed in Topaz service stations.

The plans will see this figure increase to 50 by the end of 2017.

Topaz said it was the first forecourt retailer to partner with Photo-Me and offer this service to its customers.

Photo-Me Ireland has invested over €6m in technology and equipment to become the first company licenced by the Department of Foreign Affairs to capture and handover digital photos as part of the online passport application.

Its booths provide allow customers to renew their passports with ease with the process in the photobooth taking just three minutes as the user is guided through a step-by-step process.

According to Photo-Me, the process is the most secure way to ensure the photo is fully compliant and that the image cannot be tampered with in any way.

Once photos are captured and transferred to the passport office, applicants receive a print out with four images they can use for future ID requirements.

Niall Anderton, managing director at Topaz, said: “The introduction of Photo-Me booths in Topaz service stations adds yet another dimension to the many services we offer our customers.

“Topaz is committed to providing the best customer experience for all of those who choose to visit our service stations, and this is just another exciting development for Topaz nationwide.The services provided by Photo-Me booths greatly simplify the process of applying for passport renewal, and we are delighted to provide this convenience for consumers across Ireland.”

Patrick Brennan, managing director Photo-Me, added: “Photo-Me Ireland is delighted to have agreed a five year licence with Topaz for the placement of our latest technology photobooths that will enable Topaz customers renew their passports as well as print traditional photo IDs.

“The Topaz network throughout Ireland will ensure we have a photobooth within 5km of 95% of the population at convenient and easy to access locations. We are delighted to be associated with such a trusted brand for this new service.”