SuperValu soap sales surge by 400%

SuperValu soap sales surge by 400%

During lockdown, retailer SuperValu has seen a surge in soap sales. Demand for the product has surged by 400%.

They’ve also seen a surge in sales for a number of other household groceries, notably flour, sales of which have increased 200%.

The retailer also reported that sales of plants and flowers spiked by 200% and coffee pods by 100% since March. Meanwhile, olive oil saw sales increases of 80%, and sales of sharing chocolate bars jumped to 60% since the start of the spread of the virus.

SuperValu’s statistics also show that a banana is currently being ‘sold every second’ across its stores and the retailer said that it has has sold enough toilet paper to ‘go around the world eight times’ during the lockdown period.

Commenting on the findings, innovation and consumer director at SuperValu Ed Russell said:

“SuperValu’s statistics provide a unique snapshot of Irish shopping habits during the lockdown. It’s clear that people have been focusing on home cooking, baking and gardening and are spending more quality family time together.”

Russell also noted that the company’s home delivery growth since the lockdown is equivalent to the opening of 12 new SuperValu stores.