Shifts in shopper attitudes and behaviour favours the convenience sector

Shifts in shopper attitudes and behaviour favours the convenience sector

Retail analysts are identifying a clear shift in consumer behaviour and attitudes that is favouring the convenience sector.

These new attitudes towards grocery shopping are supporting growth in the forecourt and convenience sector, meaning forecourt retailers should adapt to drive change and keep pace with these new shopper behaviours.

These trends are presenting the forecourt trade with a new raft of opportunities. Along with technology developments, it’s a clear response to customer needs and demands. It’s being predicted that these trends are likely to continue to evolve rapidly over the next five to 10 years.

Travel and movement patterns have altered in recent years, with more people working from home, resulting in people travelling on the road at different times of day. These pattern shifts are also changing the way consumers view and use forecourt convenience stores.

At the cutting edge of change, forecourt sites are creating greater shopping experiences for consumers, alongside the essential services and facilities they are known for. Ireland often leads the pack – and is viewed across Europe as a strong example of how the forecourt and convenience sector has evolved since the turn of the century. As a result, partnerships, franchising and investments have allowed for the reshaping of the forecourt into something more all-encompassing and profitable.

Customers want and expect the same excellent store experience on a forecourt that they encounter on the high street. This new phase is an opportunity to deliver outstanding customer experiencea. If done correctly, winners in this area will be sites that offer more than fuel and charging points; they will build compelling customer propositions that will appeal to a much broader range of consumer needs.