Relief for retailers as RE:SURE’s no upfront costs model protects valuable assets

With a number of gangs targeting alcohol, cigarettes, or just the float and the ongoing ATM thefts, we have spoken to one retailer who has found a new level of peace of mind.

After experiencing a break-in at one of his sites, Johnny Finch, of Finch Retailing, now has RE:SURE at three of his Spar/Solo Petroleum forecourts across Northern Ireland.

“We had a break-in at our store in Carryduff and we started thinking that there must be a better way.  It was gut-wrenching watching the footage. It was like re-living the whole thing, knowing you could do nothing to stop it,” said Johnny.

“I didn’t want to have the same experience again. I wanted a system that would give me complete total comfort but, with margins tight, that was affordable.

“RE:SURE was recently recommended to us and we have started to roll them out across our stores. The amazing thing about RE:SURE is that they utilised our existing cameras, and our PA, meaning there was no capital expenditure.”

“The RE:SURE service is fantastic, the system immediately identifies when someone is on the property and then the voice comes over telling the trespassers that they have been detected. It has now been called into action a couple of times and they just flew off the premises! We see it as a virtual security guard at a fraction of the price.

“The peace of mind knowing that RE:SURE are looking after my properties is fantastic. In short, any time there is someone on my premises, I know that RE:SURE will react immediately and I will know about it right after.

“Someone once told me, don’t use your CapEx spend on anything that isn’t going to grow sales, and I have stuck by that rigidly. So when RE:SURE came in with their no upfront offer, it was a no brainer for us.

“The RE:SURE system is armed and disarmed with their app. It gives me easy, real-time, info about each of my stores, allowing me to know what time the first employee arrived and last employee left each store. I can easily delete and add new employees – its so easy to use.

“The company’s other app, RE:SURE GO transforms your phone into a monitored, tracked panic alarm. RE:SURE will know exactly where I am on the off-chance something does go wrong outside of the premises.”

ATM Thefts

“While we aren’t naive enough to know that the system won’t always prevent some lunatic determined to use a JCB to extract one of our ATM’s, we are confident having RE:SURE acts as a large deterrent,” John MacMahon from RE:SURE explains how the system help with prevent ATM thefts.

“The perpetrators do a lot of planning, visiting the site at night time to check it out what security and response is in place.”

“With RE:SURE in place, the ‘window of opportunity’ has been closed. Not only are the chances of identification higher, and  they know that RE:SURE will immediately act, calling emergency services and reporting in real time what is happening.

“That means the police will receive much more accurate information. These people are pros and are more will target somewhere where they are less likely to get caught.”

RE:SURE has carved out a unique space in the security market by taking existing CCTV infrastructure and transform them into “smart cameras”. These are then are connected to their state of the art Control Centre. The system detects intruders on a site and operatives immediately intervene to prevent any damage and theft. Currently they are protecting over €500m of assets.

For more information on RE:SURE please visit: or contact: Ireland 01 691 71 00 or Northern Ireland 028 8676 1183