PRA slams rising fuel prices – critical of claims made by RAC

PRA slams rising fuel prices – critical of claims made by RAC

The Petrol Retailers Association has responded to the rising prices at the pumps.

Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said:

The prices of petrol and diesel have continued to rise throughout September, driven by Saudi Arabias’ decision to extend its crude oil production cut until the end of the year and the weakening of Sterling against the US Dollar. 

The PRA represents independent fuel retailers, which accounts for 64% of all forecourts (in the UK), many of which are small family run businesses. Contrary to claims made by the RAC, our members are not unjustifiably pricing petrol higher than needed. Fuel margins have been under pressure due to increased operational costs that our members have had to bear. To address rising labour expenses, energy costs, and the highest inflation rates in recent years and reduced fuel sales, margins have inevitably increased. Attempting to whip up public anger by suggesting otherwise is deeply irresponsible.

“It is disappointing to read such sensational claims in the media regarding fuel margins. I have consistently reached out to commentators, seeking a rational discussion on this matter. Unfortunately, my requests appear to have gone unanswered. The PRA remains committed to advocate for our members and promote transparency within the sector. We are willing to engage with any mediator to facilitate a constructive and informed dialogue on these critical issues.”