Maxol opens auto service station in Andersonstown

Maxol has opened a new automated service station on the Andersonstown Road in Belfast.

Marketed under the Maxol auto24 brand, the station is a 24-hour fully automated pay-at-the-pump station, the first in the West of the city.

The opening of the station was celebrated by Belfast woman Anne Marie Barr, who received a free tank of fuel for being the first customer to use the facility.

The official opening also featured family entertainment and music on site, with customers being offered free coffee and other special giveaways.

The Andersonstown Road Maxol auto24 has six pay at the pump fuelling dispensers which accept payment by debit card, credit card and Maxol fuel card.

It is Maxol’s sixth automated station in Northern Ireland following a successful pilot by the firm in Carryduff in 2011.

Other current sites include Holywood Road, Bridge End; Shore Road, Newtownabbey; and Hazelbank in Whiteabbey.

Brian Donaldson, Maxol Group General Manager, said: “The fuel pricing is keener as there are fewer costs to pay; queues tend to be shorter as customers pay at the pump; and 24-hour opening means that motorists can fill up at a time that best suits them.

“The automated format in this case has enabled us to make use of a previously closed site by using our state-of-the-art technology to offer an innovative new fuel solution.”

Mr Donaldson added that the brand is still “firmly committed” to its full service station format.

A Maxol auto24 service team will be on-hand from 8am to 7pm to assist motorists new to the system.