Maxol Wants Illegal Fuel Sellers Identified

Maxol Group COO Brian Donaldson has called for greater transparency around the identity of filling stations in Northern Ireland caught selling illicit fuel and for firmer action to be taken against offenders.

He said:”Maxol has always been committed to providing our customers with quality assured fuels and as such we are deeply alarmed to find out that almost 467 filling stations in Northern Ireland have been caught selling illicit fuel over the last four years. We do not know which filling stations are repeat offenders but given that there are only 559 service stations in Northern Ireland we find this figure extremely concerning. Without legislation in place to make public the offending retailers, consumers are at risk of purchasing illegal fuel without intention.

“As a leading fuel retailer across the island of Ireland we have been at the forefront of providing our customers with quality fuel through our own assurance and traceability scheme ‘‘Fuels You Can Trust’. We believe the current situation is gravely unfair to fuel retailers working within the law and also to the interests of consumers in Northern Ireland.”