“Just a Minute” – JAM Cards introduced by SPAR and EUROSPAR

“Just a Minute” – JAM Cards introduced by SPAR and EUROSPAR

SPAR and EUROSPAR, part of BWG Foods, will be introducing the Just a Minute (JAM) Card initiative across its network of supermarkets and convenience stores in the coming weeks.

The JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism, hidden disability or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily. Those with a communication barrier are often reluctant or unable to tell others about their condition. JAM Card allows this to happen in a simple, effective non-verbal manner.

SPAR and EUROSPAR introduced the programme of a trial basis in a number of its outlets, including Spar Citywest and Eurospar Skerries. A further rollout will continue in the coming weeks and months as staff trained up on the initiative. The card was originally developed for people with learning disabilities and difficulties, but can be used by anyone with a communication barrier, such as those who have suffered brain injuries and people who feel self-conscious about their ability to communicate.

“Just a Minute”

JAM Card is available as a plastic card, or as an App on your Smart phone, or both. BWG Foods is in the process of introducing detailed JAM Card training and tools to all Spar and Eurospar employees with the intention of making shopping in our stores a more pleasant and less stressful experience for anyone with autism, or communication challenges.

Colin Donnelly, Spar sales director said of the new initiative: “Our Spar retailers have a proud tradition of looking out for their customers and the communities they serve and this initiative is another hugely positive commitment to those communities. By becoming JAM Card friendly, our independent Retailers and their staff will be allowing those living with these challenges that they can shop with us secure in the knowledge that we will gladly give them that extra minute they may need,”

Extra care and patience

“This is a tremendous resource to people who may find shopping a little stressful and require a bit of extra care and patience,” added Malachy Hanberry, managing director, Eurospar.

“Eurospar retailers and their staff are enthusiastic about serving the needs of their customers and communities and we are delighted to introduce this initiative into our network of supermarkets,” Hanberry said.

Maeve Monaghan, chief executive of NOW Group whose participants developed the JAM Card initiative said: “As wider society prepares  to reopen it is the ideal time for organisations to consider how best to offer great service to those with communication barriers or hidden disabilities.  The JAM Card is a discreet and effective way for a customer to indicate they need just a moment of patience.  The practical staff training that Eurospar will roll out will ensure that shoppers with different needs will enjoy the same high-quality experience in their stores.”

To get a JAM Card, users can request one directly by visiting www.jamcard.org and filling out the request form or it is available to download as an app on Android and IOS.

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