IFSF To Host Its First Free Virtual Conference

IFSF To Host Its First Free Virtual Conference

The annual IFSF conference is, for the first time, taking place virtually.

The conference takes place on Tuesday 10th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November and will explore the theme of “Enhancing Consumer Experience”, which arguably has never been more relevant than during these exceptional times.

Heather Price, IFSF Chair said “I was so sad that we will not all be able to meet up at our conference this year, but we have worked hard to make the most of this new virtual format to make it better than ever. Hosting the conference on a virtual platform unlocks new opportunities for our colleagues and guests from overseas to actively participate, offering additional insight and new networking opportunities. We have a great line up of inspirational speakers on the subject of Enhancing Consumer Experience, and then some in depth discussions about how our new API environment can allow us to bring these great ideas to market in record time.”

The conference, spanning four days, offers additional flexibility for attendees, with the online schedule being distributed both live and as recordings, ensuring everyone interested in attending can enjoy the programme at their convenience. The conference will host a wealth of esteemed and highly experienced speakers addressing a series of topics integral to the industry now and in the future.

One of the threads of the conference will cover APIs – devices which enable computers and users to interact – and how important they are to today’s, and tomorrow’s, forecourt technology.

The conference will provide the IFSF with a platform to deliver focused and important updates about our work, and how the industry is progressing in standardising processes for speed, efficiency and consistency.

You can register to ‘virtually attend’ on the IFSF website for free.