Gala Retail introduces ‘Click and Collect’ website model for retailers

Gala Retail introduces ‘Click and Collect’ website model for retailers

The Gala Retail Group has just announced the launch of a ‘Click and Collect’ shopping system for its retailers.

This service, developed on the Shopify website platform, will allow retailers who adopt the new model, to accept customer orders online which can then be collected directly from the store.

The Gala Click and Collect technology solution from Shopify is an innovative response to today’s challenging times and the restrictions that all communities are facing.  The use of this technology further reduces shoppers’ interaction in-store, helps those who are amongst the most vulnerable and offers a simple solution for safer shopping at Gala.

Just recently launched, the uptake of the Click and Collect service by retailers has been positive. Many Gala stores are now transitioning to offer ‘Click and Collect’ in addition to their other services, and new product lines are currently being added to the master site. 

The launch of Gala’s ‘Click and Collect’ service follows the introduction of SAFER shopping with Gala in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. SAFER shopping outlines five steps that Gala is asking customers to comply with to ensure safety for all.

S – Shop solo, we recommend where possible that shoppers enter the shop alone, without children or companions

A – Awareness – Be aware to keep your social distance from others when shopping – 2m/6ft apart at all times

F – Follow all guidelines and advice being provided by the government and HSE.

E – Essential shopping – Ensure to pick up all your essential shopping needs for you and your loved ones

R – Responsible shopping. Please be patient whilst queuing in-store, use contactless payment whenever possible and don’t stockpile items, we have daily deliveries and enough for all.

With no solid indicators of when ‘normal’ shopping habits may return,  the team at Gala Retail will continue to work on behalf of its stores to identify opportunities and approaches that will enable retailers to safely provide for their local communities when its needed most.