Fyffes Melon Subsidiary in Honduras Receives Socially Responsible Company Seal for Second Year

Fyffes Melon Subsidiary in Honduras Receives Socially Responsible Company Seal for Second Year
Fyffes/Sol Group executives celebrating continued success

The Honduran Foundation for Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE) awarded the Socially Responsible Company Seal for the second consecutive year to Sol Group, Fyffes melon subsidiary in Honduras, for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and the wellbeing of its workers and their communities.

Last July, FUNDAHRSE carried out an audit of Sol Group’s operations in southern Honduras to evaluate the company’s compliance with seven key indicators of the INDICARSE tool, an international guide on corporate social responsibility, obtaining an average score of 96%. The results were as follows:

  • Governance: 97%
  • Human Rights: 100%
  • Labor Practices: 92%
  • Environment: 93%
  • Fair Opera-ng Practices: 99%
  • Consumer Affairs: 100%
  • Community Participation: 99%

Since 2021, Sol Group in Honduras has gone through an exhaustive transformation process in which social responsibility, including labour relations, the environment, surrounding communities, and human rights have been the centre for implementing new practices and developing new policies.

Michael Fletes, Sustainability Coordinator of Sol Group in Honduras, played a key role during the rigorous FUNDAHRSE audit and commented: “We are very proud for being recognised as a socially responsible company for a second year. This demonstrates our commitment and our progress in integrating sustainable practices in the different areas of our organisation. We will continue working each day to further contribute to the wellbeing of the world, our workers, communities, and other stakeholders.”

Genivaldo Pereira, General Manager of Fyffes/Sol Group, added: “This recognition reflects our policy to act as socially responsible company together with the communities in the different areas where we operate in Honduras. It also demonstrates our commitment to driving sustainable economic development in Honduras through the creation and promotion of an inclusive, equitable and prosperous environment. FUNDAHRSE’s Seal renews our commitment to continue working on the three fundamental pillars of corporate social responsibility that encompass economic, social, and environmental responsibility.”