Forecourt Eye announce agreement with Greenergy

Greenergy adds Forecourt Eye’s crime prevention and loss recovery service to its dealer offer.

Under a new agreement with Greenergy, Forecourt Eye’s crime prevention and loss recovery service is to be offered as an extension to Greenergy’s fuel offer to dealer forecourts across the UK and Ireland.

Forecourt Eye is the only completely digital service available to forecourt retailers to combat Non Means of Payment instances and deter Drive Offs from their sites. Using the Samsung tablet device provided, forecourt staff can report an incident to Forecourt Eye in less than two minutes. The recovered fuel is then reimbursed within seven days and operators are able to keep up to date with all their sites’ activities through a live management information portal.

Nick Fisher, CEO, Forecourt Eye commented: “With an average recovery rate of 85%, Forecourt Eye is a proven solution that gives dealers a return on investment and deters crime from the forecourt, making it a safer place for employees and customers. We are delighted to have agreed this strategic partnership with Greenergy and to be offering our service across its wide customer base.”

Chris O’Callaghan, Head of Branded Retail at Greenergy, added: “We are continually looking for ways to add value for our customers. Many dealers have told us that forecourt crime is a growing concern and we have selected Forecourt Eye as pioneers in this space. The agreement allows us to offer a uniquely cost-effective and easy–to-use solution to all our dealers.”

For further information please contact or 0113 887 4870