Fastned applies for two Ultra-Fast Charging Stations in the North

Fastned applies for two Ultra-Fast Charging Stations in the North

Fastned has applied for two ultra-fast charging stations in Northern Ireland, according to a report in the Irish News.

The Dutch company owns and operates a network of over 1 500 EV charging stations in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Switzerland. A large majority of its stations are located at Dutch highwayrest areas – and now the company has applied for planning permission for two ultra-rapid (300 kW) 12-bay charging stations in Banbridge and Antrim.

The Irish News reports that Fastned’s proposed Banbridge station site on the A1 will have 12 ultra-rapid charging points, giving drivers range confidence on journeys between Belfast and Dublin. The Antrim station site will bring ultra-rapid charging to areas north of Belfast, and will also have up to 12 charging points.

Northern Ireland recently saw almost a 50% increase in sales of fully-electric vehicles in August, compared to last year.

Mark McCall, co-founding director and chair at the EV Association for Northern Ireland (, told the Irish News: “We are delighted to welcome Fastned to Northern Ireland. Its ultra-rapid chargers, with its signature solar canopies, will be a major boost for EV drivers in the region.”

“Fastned offers some of the fastest chargers available, and it will allow EV drivers to top up their batteries in just minutes. It will make it even easier and more convenient to drive an electric vehicle in Northern Ireland.”

The unique yellow solar canopies that shelter each of the Fastned charging stations are aimed at making it easy for drivers to see the stations from the road, which means they don’t waste time looking for charging points and have the comfort and security of charging in a well-lit and covered space.