Famous front man rocks up to local Spar – and gets a hot “chilli” reception

Famous front man rocks up to local Spar – and gets a hot “chilli” reception
Snow Patrol front man Gary Lightbody

It’s not every day that the famous front man for one of the world’s biggest and best bands rocks up to the local convenience store – but that’s what happened in County Down’s SPAR Crawfordsburn – where Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody popped in for a few essentials (some Chocolate perhaps), and walked away (he didn’t Run  – see what we did there) leaving something special for the customers: a chance to win four free bottles of the band’s own brand of Hot Chilli Sauce.

With each sauce named after some of Snow Patrol’s greatest hits – all the customers had to do to win, was complete the lyric to one of the band’s earlier tunes, Disaster Button.

The story was picked up on social media and rolled from there.

Julie-Ann Kearney, manager at the SPAR in Crawfordsburn said they stock the sauces from Rock A Doodle Do, with all proceeds from the sales going to the charity Music for All.

“We just thought it would be a good idea to run a wee competition when Gary called in – it was a lovely thing to do. The sauces are eye-watering hot I believe – there’s a clip on YouTube from the TV show Saturday Kitchen, but all the profits from the sauce sales go to Music for All” said Julie-Ann.

The band worked in collaboration with ‘flavour maestro Dave’ from Rock A Doodle Do, to created a number of chilli sauces named after Snow Patrol songs, ‘using only the best natural ingredients for deep flavour notes, Snow Patrol chilli and BBQ sauces offer varying degrees of heat intensity, bring complex new taste baselines to all your favourite foods.’

Rock A Doodle Doo’s website goes on to state ‘That’s the (very) hot news, now here’s the cool bit. These sauces don’t just taste good – they do good. Not only are they tantalising taste buds, but amazingly they’re also backing budding musicians.’

We understand Mr Lightbody wasn’t “Chasing Cars” out of the forecourt either.