€50,000 won on a €5 Bingo Multiplier scratch card from SuperValu in Portarlington

€50,000 won on a €5 Bingo Multiplier scratch card from SuperValu in Portarlington

A Laois woman was celebrating in Lotto HQ today after collecting her €50,000 top prize which she won on a €5 Bingo Multiplier scratch card. The winning scratch card was purchased at SuperValu in the Arlington Centre in Portarlington.

The winner admitted that she was convinced she would never win a big top prize so it took a while to believe what she was seeing.

“A few years ago, I won €5,000 on a Millionaire Raffle ticket and to be honest I was convinced I would never win anything again. Even just before scratching my Bingo Multiplier, I made a big deal of saying that I never win a thing on scratch cards so I’m never getting them again. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong any way, that’s for sure!”

The Laois woman said it took a double check on the scratch card to realise just how much her Bingo Multiplier was worth.

“When I scratched the ticket first, I didn’t even realise there was a prize on it – let alone the actual top prize! I handed the card to a family member who took a closer look and they were in shock when they realized what I had won. It’s been a bit of a mad week since then to be honest. The win happened the day before my birthday so it’s like an extended celebration at this stage. It’s great to finally be here in the Winners’ Room after feeling certain that I’d never win big and of course to get my cheque.”

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