Diesel volumes drop 2% in June

Diesel volumes drop 2% in June

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that diesel consumption in June was down 2% on the same time last year.

Diesel consumption amounted to 298 million litres in June, which matched that of June 2019 and was 1% lower than June 2018.

The CSO said this marked a break in the long-term trend of rising consumption over the past decade and could be as a result of current higher prices for the fuel.

At 79 million litres, clearances of petrol in June matched the volume of June of last year and were 10% lower than June 2019.

The CSO said this fits with the general decreasing trend in petrol volumes over the last decade and a half.

Meanwhile, excise clearances of marked gas oil in June were 15% lower than in June of last year.

Marked gas oil is used for off-road purposes such as agriculture and heating of larger buildings.

Clearances of kerosene, which is mainly used as a home heating fuel, were a little over 1% lower than in June 2021, the CSO added.