Contact your local TDs – ‘We need to make insurance affordable’ says RGDATA

Contact your local TDs – ‘We need to make insurance affordable’ says RGDATA

RGDATA has called on retailers to contact their local TDs concerning insurance costs. Musgrave has also called onthe government to take action.

New Judicial Guidelines on minor injury pay outs published on March 6th do not go far enough and will not have the impact required to bring down the cost of shop insurance, says RGDATA.

“You can help us convince our politicians that they must step up now and make the changes necessary to reduce the insurance premiums that are crippling businesses like yours” says director tara Buckley.

“Tell your local TDs that the Judges have not gone far enough – these guidelines will  only bring damages for minor, fully-recovered injuries down by 52%. What we need is an 80% reduction in payments for these minor injuries to bring us in line with England and Wales and get insurance costs down to affordable levels.”

RGDATA and the Alliance for Insurance Reform are campaigning on this issue – but needs retailers to help to get the message loud and clear to Government to ‘stop faffing about and actually make the interventions required to bring down the cost of insurance.’ Suggested key points to make to local politicians  via email, letter, phone or face to face in your store include:

  • Shop insurance costs are completely unsustainable – give details of what you are paying and the impact this is having on your business.
  • Urge them to reduce awards for damages for minor, fully recoverable injuries by 80%. The Judges have not make this decision so the Politicians must step up.
  • The Law Reform Commission says the Government can cap  damages – there is no constitutional barrier.
  • Introduce a Super tax on insurance company profits for those that don’t reduce premiums and pass on savings.
  • Pass the RGDATA Occupiers Liability Amendment to balance the Duty of Care.
  • Set up a Garda Insurance Fraud Unit.

You can find your local TD at