Circle K customers show they are still Here for Ireland – €750,000 to fuel Team Ireland athletes

Circle K customers show they are still Here for Ireland – €750,000 to fuel Team Ireland athletes

New promotion calling on the public to ‘Keep It Lit’ in support of Ireland’s Olympic hopefuls

Circle K  has launched a new Here for Ireland promotion to reiterate its support of Team Ireland athletes,Over the course of the initiative to date, Circle K customers have generated more than 218m digital coins, worth approximately €750,000 for the athletes to use, all of which have been shared evenly amongst them.

172 Irish athletes from around the country have signed up to Here for Ireland and since the initiative first launched in 2019, they have redeemed enough miles fuel to travel to Tokyo an incredible 155 times. They have also redeemed thousands of snacks, sandwiches and hot drinks to keep them fuelled on the longer road to the Olympics this summer.

Fuelled up for Tokyo

Through the ‘Here for Ireland’ initiative, Circle K customers can show their support for Team Ireland athletes as they strive to achieve Olympic and Paralympic glory in Tokyo next year, by simply scanning either the Circle K app or their Play or Park loyalty tag in-store. In so doing, they will automatically generate digital coins, which Team Ireland athletes can then use to fuel their journey to Tokyo.

‘Keep it Lit’

Inspired by the 2021 Olympics Torch Relay, Circle K’s new promotion ‘Keep It Lit’ will travel from county to county across the island of Ireland. Every county across the island of Ireland is included so all customers will have a chance to participate. Each time customers scan the Circle K app or their Play or Park loyalty tag in-store when ‘Keep It Lit’ is running at their local station, they will automatically double the value of digital coins that Team Ireland athletes will receive at no cost to them. Team Ireland athletes can then use the digital coins on Circle K fuel, services, and in-store items.

Circle K’s ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion launches in Carlow. Customers are encouraged to keep an eye on Circle K Ireland on Facebook and @circlekireland on Instagram where details of when Keep It Lit will visit your county will be shared in the coming weeks.

Showing his support for Circle K’s ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion today is Here for Ireland ambassador and Irish Olympic hopeful, Shane Ryan.

Olympic journey

He said: “Circle K has made my Olympics journey much easier. The past year has been tough on us all, but the support of Circle K staff and customers has carried me through this challenging time. Circle K has brought myself and my teammates closer to our communities through the ‘Here for Ireland’ initiative which has helped us to stay focused on Tokyo’.

The Games are finally almost upon us and while there’s just a few weeks left, your support will make such a difference. Keep an eye out for when the ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion will visit your county, as Circle K has now made it easier than ever for you to double up on your support’.

Homegrown champions

Joanne D’Arcy, Director of Market Development at Circle K Ireland, added: ‘’We are extremely proud of what our partnership with the Irish Olympic and Paralympic Teams has achieved thus far. Communities across Ireland have come together to show their support for the country’s homegrown champions and have helped them to realise their Olympic and Paralympic dreams. The digital coins generated to date have redeemed enough fuel to get Team Ireland to Tokyo an incredible 155 times!

While the ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion is running before the Tokyo Games, athletes will still be able to redeem their coins when they return home and take a well-deserved break after years of hard work. ‘Keep It Lit’ is an expression that originated in Ireland, so come on, let’s show the world why by giving Team Ireland one last push!’

Find out more about Circle K’s ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion and Here for Ireland initiative by visiting

All Circle K stations, including Circle K Express sites, will participate in the ‘Keep It Lit’ promotion. Circle K’s ‘Keep It Lit’ promo until 25th April.


County by County Schedule for Keep It Lit

March 25 – Carlow

April 5 – Kilkenny

April 16 – Leitrim

March 26 – Dublin

April 6 – Waterford

April 17 – Cavan

March 27 – Wexford

April 7 – Cork

April 18 – Monaghan

March 28 – Wicklow

April 8 – Kerry

April 19 – Armagh

March 29 – Kildare

April 9 – Limerick

April 20 – Down

March 30 – Meath

April 10 – Tipperary

April 21 – Antrim

March 31 – Louth

April 11 – Clare

April 22 – Derry

April 1 – Westmeath

April 12 – Galway

April 23 – Tyrone

April 2 – Longford

April 13 – Mayo

April 24 – Fermanagh

April 3 – Offaly

April 14 – Sligo

April 25 – Donegal

April 4 – Laois

April 15 – Roscommon