Certa: The brand new name in Irish fuel retailing

Certa: The brand new name in Irish fuel retailing

Certa is the brand new brand name in Irish fuel retailing – and it’s got to grips with thirty four new unmanned sites throughout Ireland in recent weeks.

That’s just the beginning for the Certa brand name in Ireland – there are plans to expand further in this market, as Certa’s John Hurley told IFCR.
With its fresh, strong blue branding and slick design, the ‘unmanned sites’ enable a fast, efficient fuelling option. Stop, fill up, pay and go – making access and exit as easy as possible for the busy motorist.

The thirty four Certa sites include 12 Great Gas and 22 Tesco forecourts, which the company acquired earlier this year. It followed an agreement by Tesco Ireland to divest its fuel business around the country to DCC plc, the parent company of the new Certa brand.

All Tesco staff employed in the filling stations were redeployed and returned to working in stores – so fortunately there were no job losses involved. Tesco loyalty card holders can still get their reward points too.

Across Europe

DCC, which has businesses in eight European countries. It has owned the fuel importer and distributor Emo Oil since the beginning of the 1990s.
Certa has the strength and experience of DCC behind it. DCC owns and operates 1200 unmanned sites across Europe. Founded in Ireland in 1976 as a venture capital business, DCC Retail & Oil is a Europe-wide commercial and domestic retailer of fuel and oil, as well as operating in the LPG, technology and healthcare sectors.

Certa – Opening Offers

Launching a new brand, then imprinting it on the consciousness of the consumer, and balancing that with strong marketing activity is often a challenge, but Certa has risen to this with elegance and ease, especially in the age of Covid.

“Building a new network under the shadow of Covid was never going to be easy. We’re really proud to finally see all 34 Certa fuel forecourts fully operational across the country. Thanks to all our suppliers for the hard work under difficult and trying circumstances in pulling it all together. We achieved a phenomenal result and are delighted with all the newly branded sites,” said Certa’s John Hurley.

Launch celebrations

Certa made sure the launch was a celebration of everything that’s positive about the brand. There’s been special offers, price promotions, radio advertising and of course, Tesco card holders can still get their card points.

“Our celebrations included radio promotions and great giveaways. To mark the launch of our brand new network of fully unmanned, pay@pump forecourts, we teamed up with radio station Q102 and LMFM,” explained John. “These radio marketing campaigns and promotions will continue as a roll-out with local commercial stations around the country.”

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