Join the Fight Against Food Waste with Too Good To Go

Join the Fight Against Food Waste with Too Good To Go

Currently the app has a dedicated userbase of 530,491 in Ireland and 1,800 Irish business signed up

This Earth Day was on Monday (22nd April) and Too Good To Go, the largest global marketplace for surplus food, urged people to download the free app as a simple step towards environmental sustainability. Food waste is responsible for approximately 10% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, making its reduction a crucial climate action. The Too Good To Go app enables users to save food from local eateries, shops, and cafes that would otherwise be discarded, and to purchase it at a significantly reduced price.

After downloading and registering on the free app, you can set your preferred location and distance to explore available retailers who are offering Surprise Bags for either today or tomorrow. The app provides details such as the retailer’s name and location, the number of bags remaining (e.g., “Aldi, East Wall 2 left”), the kind of food available, and the designated collection time.

Launched in Ireland in 2022, Too Good To Go has quickly become a key player in the country’s sustainability efforts. With a dedicated user base in Ireland of 530,491, the app has notably saved 511,817 bags of surplus food from going to waste in 2023 alone. This is the equivalent to avoiding 1,381,905 kilograms of CO2e (9691 flight tickets from London to Dublin), 1,433,087 m2 of land use per year (5,493 tennis courts), and 414,571,770 litres of water use per year (166 Olympic sized swimming pools.

This year, Too Good To Go has expanded its network by welcoming 953 new partners, including major retailers such as Aldi and Supervalu, bringing the total number of participating businesses to 1,800. The most active engagement comes from counties Dublin and Galway, where communities are especially committed to reducing food waste.

Managing Director of Too Good To Go Ireland, Sophie Trueman says, “This World Earth Day why not do something that can make a real difference and save food going to waste in your local area? We are excited to see the growing commitment in Ireland to sustainability, and we are proud to facilitate a movement that supports both the environment and our local businesses.”

Join us this Earth Day in making a lasting impact. Download Too Good To Go and become a part of a global movement to save food and save the planet.