‘Casual traders’ not playing by the rules – CSNA raise issue with authorities

‘Casual traders’ not playing by the rules – CSNA raise issue with authorities

Since Covid the number of casual traders popping up is an issue for bona fide retailers who stick to all the rules says CSNA’s Vincent Jennings.

“We’ve raised the issue of casual trading with local authorities. There seems to have been a relaxing of rules, with people setting up stalls selling coffee, teas, snacks and so on” explained Vincent.

“While CSNA members thrive on competition – we’re not calling foul here – but these traders are doing it against the rules under which we are all supposed to operate. We’re fighting the case for members and giving advice, raising the issue with elected representatives and local authorities.”

Statutory Sick Pay Scheme

CSNA has also been engaging with numerous politicians and the Tanaiste regarding the Statutory Sick Pay scheme and what it means from a retailer’s perspective.

“Government needs to give proper consideration to people working across the service industry. For retailers it effectively means paying two wages. The person off sick needs to be replaced – and that person needs to be paid as expected. The scheme is to be agreed soon and effective from the end of the year, but we need to have an understanding of what this means for the service industry” said Vincent.

Other issues facing CSNA members include Minimum Unit Pricing, tobacco pricing, and the forthcoming deposit return scheme. See next issue of IF&CR for details.