Applegreen rollout new premium unleaded and diesel fuel in Louth

Fuelgood PowerPlus is now available at Applegreen; Dundalk and Castlebellingham North and South

Applegreen has announced the launch of fuelgood PowerPlus, Applegreen’s most advanced, premium fuel to date. This new fuel uses a more concentrated additive that cleans up a vehicle’s engine as it drives, restoring the car to a ‘like new’ condition by reducing the deposit build up and enabling advanced engine performance.

Commenting on the launch of fuelgood PowerPlus, Aisling Ryan, head of marketing, Applegreen said: “At Applegreen we are committed to bringing the best to our customers including our fuel, coffee and food offerings. With fuelgood PowerPlus we are delivering on this commitment to our customers by offering better performance and power.  In simple terms, fuelgood PowerPlus contains an increased concentration of our specially formulated additive, which cleans up the pistons inside a vehicle’s engine for an advanced performance, resulting in increased engine longevity. It also decreases the chances of incomplete combustion reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions, making it the premium fuel of choice for the more environmentally aware customer.”

fuelgood PowerPlus 2
Nicci Daly, motorsport engineer, Irish international hockey player and World Cup Silver Medalist 2018 fuels up for a better performance with Applegreen. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

Irish international hockey player and World Cup Silver Medallist 2018, Nicci Daly has a passion for cars having worked as a data engineer in Indianapolis, “the home of motor racing” for the Juncos Racing team, and she has also spent time working as a test engineer for Ford.

Nicci Daly said: “I love driving, which is just as well because it’s in my blood!  My late dad Vivion Daly was a racing driver, my uncle Derek Daly raced in the Formula One Grand Prix and my cousin Conor Daly is an IndyCar driver.  With this in mind, I know the importance of looking after your car’s engine to get better performance and better power from it and keep it in the best shape it can be.  With a homegrown brand like Applegreen, the fuel is from a trusted source and delivers on what I need for my car.  fuelgood PowerPlus is for people who want to get more from their cars, and it ticks all the boxes on what I demand from a fuel.”

Fuelgood PowerPlus is Applegreen’s most advanced unleaded and diesel fuel yet.  It uses a concentrated additive to ensure drivers get the best from their vehicles.  fuelgood PowerPlus cleans up the engine as the vehicle is driven and restores it to a ‘like new’ condition.  fuelgood PowerPlus unleaded reduces friction in unleaded engines, giving vehicles an enhanced performance for an overall better drive. fuelgood PowerPlus products (both diesel and unleaded) are tested against standard EN 228/EN590 by an independent third party supplier, one of the world’s leading chemical companies.  Further information can be found at