22nd April is Earth Day 2021 – Why it matters for forecourts, retailers, suppliers, producers and customers

22nd April is Earth Day 2021 –  Why it matters for forecourts, retailers, suppliers, producers and customers
Happy Earth Day - 22nd April 2021

Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day – the annual global event to raise awareness and shine attention on the planet. At the heart of driving sustainability and making changes are retailers, forecourts, suppliers, food and drink producers – and customers.

Increasingly customers are seeking out sustainable brands and products. They care about packaging and waste, about sustainability and responsibility in reducing the impact of climate change. It’s 51 years since the first Earth Day in 1970 to educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

While food and drink producers and suppliers are facing up to their collective responsibilities, climate change is already seriously affecting many crops and food production around the planet. Rising temperatures are making it harder to produce staple grains across the globe. Fruit trees are struggling to bloom after warmer winters.

Staple crops like rice, corn and wheat are already impacted. Fruits such as peaches, cranberries; fish and seafood such as sardines and scallops; almonds; and even coffee and wine production will be hit by higher temperatures and climate change.

‘The Circular Economy’

In Ireland the Department of Climate Change is driving forward the ‘circular economy’.The government has published a draft national strategy on how Ireland can transition to a Circular Economy and is inviting businesses, communities and citizens to contribute their views through a public consultation .

In March, the Irish Government approved the final text of legislation to set Ireland on the path to net-Zero emissions no later than 2050, and to a 51% reduction in emissions by the end of this decade. The Bill will also provide the framework for Ireland to meet its international and EU climate commitments and to become a leader rather than a laggard in addressing climate change.

Climate Action in Ireland

The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill, which is a key commitment in the Programme for Government, will now progress through the Houses of the Oireachtas as priority legislation.

Policy and Legislation is vital to the future of the planet, everyone has a responsibility to do ‘their bit’ for the sake of future generations – that’s why every single retailer, supplier, food, drink producer is Ireland is taking their responsibilities on board – but customers need to do their bit too. Make sure your forecourt and convenience store makes note of Earth Day 2021 – then make every day, Earth day.