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Emo Oil
People's Filling Station Photograph by Paul Doherty

Richard Irvine, business development manager for DCC Oil Ireland, tells IF&CR why Donegal is the perfect location to expand Emo Oil’s DODO profile.

What makes Donegal so beautiful – its position on the rural West coast of Ireland – can also be a factor in what leads the scenic county to often be overlooked by international businesses that flock to Ireland’s largest and best known cities. For Emo Oil, part of Irish based global fuel company DCC plc, Donegal’s rugged landscape and friendly reception is what makes the area the ideal market to showcase their new sleek brand identity.

Following a strategy within the business, DCC Oil Ireland has opted to focus all of their dealer activity on the Emo brand, leaving GreatGas to champion the unmanned forecourt aspect of the business in the Republic of Ireland. The first stage of this strategy within Donegal is complete as three popular sites have just undergone a rebrand at the end of last year adding the fresh, contemporary Emo design to their forecourts. “Emo has always had a presence in County Donegal and we see this latest initiative as reinforcing our business and our legacy in the area,” says Richard.

The beauty of Emo, he explains, is that it has a strong presence both sides of the border and is a trusted name throughout. The brand’s new look is designed to bring a uniformity to Emo with a smart appearance featuring strong colours and striking LED contour lines.

Three sites in Donegal now boast the most up-to-date version of the long established brand. Ton Up Service Station in Milford and Sweeney’s Service Station in Termon have both recently undergone a transformation from GreatGas, while Clerkin’s Service Station, on the Wild Atlantic Way route overlooking the stunning Gweebarra Bay, has received the updated Emo branding to bring it in line with the state-of-the-art look. In addition to receiving refurbished forecourts, the three sites have recently updated their attached shops or are in the process of doing so. They also share the common denominator of being family owned and run businesses.

So far the customer response to the updated branding has been overwhelmingly encouraging. “We have had some very good feedback,” says Richard. “There is a huge amount of positive recognition of the image from customers and we have seen volumes increase at all three sites. As a result of our recent rebranding strategy we are experiencing strong interest from dealers who are currently trading under other networks.”

Emo Oil 2

Sweeney’s Filling Station
Photograph by Paul Doherty

What makes Emo such an attractive dealer network, Richard believes, is its ability to be flexible and to work with a dealer to give them an expertly tailored service. “We understand that their businesses don’t operate in the same way every single day of the year,” he says. “Throughout the year they will have different needs and individual requirements from their supplier and we are happy to discuss those and find the best methods to meet them.

“For example, the tourist season in Donegal is very busy and spring and summer are times of the year when there is a stronger demand for fuel. So we need to work with our dealers to make sure our delivery capacity matches their needs.”

With varying volumes of fuel sales comes varying credit facility requirements and Emo believe in working with their customer to provide a service that works for them. While all of the brand’s current sites in Donegal favour the Platts Plus pricing model, traditional Wholesale Schedule format can be provided if the dealer wishes.

Growing their long established fuel card business is especially important to Emo. Richard said “With our national network platform, our Emo Smartfuel card and a wide range of accepted third party fuel cards brings more customers into our sites. We have a dedicated fuel card sales team who work hard to maximise the opportunities for each of our network sites.”

“We believe that this tailored service and freshly updated Emo brand image will attract more businesses to the network and we are strongly interested in speaking with dealers who are seeking a fair and transparent method of purchasing supply within a long established and trusted brand network,” Richard concludes.

To find out more contact Richard Irvine on +44 7834 964884 or


Emo Oil 3

Clerkin’s Service Station
Gerard O’Kane Photography

“Richard has been with us every step of the way, sorting everything out for us so there have been no problems there. The new forecourt looks very good and customers have reacted very positively.”

Matt People, Ton Up Service Station, Milford.

“We have been with the brand for over 15 years and I am very happy with them. There is never any hassle from Emo, they just allow you to do your own thing and get on with running the business. They are very easy to work with and I love the new look.”

Mark Clerkin, Clerkin’s Service Station, Lettermacaward.

“We are very happy with the new Emo brand image which perfectly compliments our newly extended shop. Emo have been more than flexible with us throughout the extension and renovation work and I would recommend them to any dealer.”

Manus Sweeney, Sweeney’s Service Station, Termon.


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