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Conference Speakers

Ireland’s Convenience Retailer Summit takes place September 19, 2018 at the Clayton on Burlington Road, Dublin

Known throughout the industry as Ireland’s leading retail conference, every year the Summit brings an exciting line-up of world-class speakers from around the globe to Ireland.

Key-note speakers who are designed to motivate and inspire take to the stage alongside experts in convenience, digital, and retail who will be able to provide you with the tools to take your business to the next level.

2018’s spectacular speakers revealed

Ivan Yates

Ivan YatesHost

Presentation title: Business Time

Newstalk presenter and TV£3 presenter, columnist, and political pundit, Ivan Yates is renowned for his unique and forthright style, robust views, and compelling delivery.

He is an expert on Irish and international politics and business, and has become a vibrant voice in the heady and turbulent world of political analysis. A businessman, writer, and former Minister for Agriculture, Ivan is a household name with top rated shows, and will be using his knack for searching questions and entertaining presentation to host the Ireland’s Convenience Retailer Summit 2018.

Jacob Schram

Author and Former President Europe, Circle K

Presentation Title: The Essence of Business

One of the world’s most dynamic executives, Jacob Schram has condensed almost 30 years of experience at the forefront of multi-national companies into a book titled ‘The Essence of Business’. Bringing together anecdotes and advice from his personal journey, and that of Statoil Fuel & Retails’ global transformation, Jacob offers readers practical tools and content that can be applied to any business in any country.

Using a simplistically genius formula, Jacob believes the ‘Essence of Business’ is comprised of five main elements that can drive forward any company to achieve its goals. This is a unique opportunity to experience personal insight from a global leader in the forecourt & convenience sectors.

Chanelle, Lady McCoy

Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Investor

Presentation title: Turning challenges into opportunities

Recently ranking 23 on the ’50 incredible people shaping modern Ireland’ list, Chanelle is one to watch in the business world. The newest dragon on the popular TV series Dragon’s Den in Ireland, Chanelle has built a successful pharmaceutical and fashion empire making her one of the most noteworthy entrepreneurs in Ireland. This year she was the worthy recipient of the All-Ireland Business Champion Award 2018 for her outstanding achievements in business leadership.

In addition to co-presenting for TV stations such as the BBC, Chanelle is an Ambassador a number of race days and for the charity Tiny Tickers. She is also a huge supporter of women in business.

During a fireside chat with host Ivan Tares, Chanelle will delve into her own business journey and the secrets to building a groundbreaking company on an Irish and global scale.

Ian McShane

Ian McShaneExecutive Chairman, Behaviour & Attitudes

Presentation Title – Understanding convenience trends – the consumer view

As the retail industry becomes increasingly more competitive, following the latest consumer trends has never been as imperative. With over 30 years in the research industry there is no one more qualified than Ian McShane to provide retailers of today with the knowledge that they need to succeed and grow within the convenience sector. Ian will be taking delegates through the findings from a specially commissioned Behaviours & Attitudes survey on current and future retail trends exploring product and service categories of greatest potential in the convenience retail channel. Providing specialised insight that cannot be found elsewhere, this is a presentation not to be missed.

Mark Wholtmann

Director Europe, NACS

Presentation title: What keeps the industry awake at night?

Described as a big-picture thinker, Mark has never failed to generate novel and exciting challenging ideas during his varied career within the consulting and market research sectors. Mark is a font of retail knowledge and his presentation will explore what is top of the mind strategically for those in the convenience industry today, including the trends of tomorrow. As Director of NACS in Europe, Mark has unprecedented insight into the convenience sector and during his presentation he will be providing the retailer sector of Ireland all the tools to advance within convenience and fuel retailing. He will be also be delving into the results of the NACS Global Issues Survey and the trends that will be influencing the convenience sector tomorrow.

Vicky Godolphin

Vicky GodolphinHead of Digital at Accenture Ireland

Presentation title: Digital Transformation

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a modern-day empire is connecting with customers digitally. Vicky Godolphin, Head of Digital at Accenture Ireland, has her finger on the digital pulse, foreseeing the trends of tomorrow, and strategising innovative new ways to connect with customers.

Vicky’s expertise lays in helping clients develop new capabilities to unlock their businesses’ potential through the use of technology. With a passion for driving industry forward, Vicky’s inspiring presentation will take businesses through what the future of digital looks like and what you need to be doing to capture your target market in this digital age.

An expert in her field, Vicky will motivate delegates to embrace the world of digital and find new ways to engage their target markets. If you want to go for growth in convenience, then Vicky is here to help unlock its secrets.

Magnar Møkkelgård

Former Vice President Business Development, Reitan Convenience

Presentation title: Back to Basics the Nordic Way

Having assisted in taking Reitan Convenience to one of the largest convenience groups in Europe, Magnar Møkkelgård has an unrivalled vantage point on what it takes to grow a convenience model from the ground up.

As privy to one of the industry’s greatest expansion projects, Magnar’s pivotal role at Reitan enable him to pen an astute book on the basics of convenience detailing the tools to drive any business model forward.

With a unique insight into the convenience world over the past three decades, Magnar will be delivering an invigorating talk on taking your convenience model to the next level, drawing on his experiences in the Nordic countries.

Keith Barry

Hypnotist & Brain Hacker

Presentation title: Unleash your Subconscious Potential

Keith Barry, the world’s leading hypnotist and brain hacker, is internationally renowned for his mind-blowing skills. During his unique presentation Keith will share tools and techniques that will help you break through your limitations and exceed expectations. A student of human behaviour, Keith tours the world displaying his unique talents and has appeared on many television shows in Ireland and beyond including ‘You’re Back in the Room’ hosted by Philip Schofield, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and  The Late Late Show.  Delegates are guaranteed an energetic performance that will encourage thinking outside of the box and exploring new avenues.

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